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BookMarx for 2008-12-27

Saturday, December 27, 2008
  • This is a word document that has a list of literature from Mao and Lenin on peaceful transitions to socialism and their views on it.

    "This bibliography includes Lenin's writings just before the October revolution and Mao's tactical proposal for a coalition government just before the outbreak of all-out civil war in 1946. We've also pulled out some key statements by the CPN (Maoist) from 2001 to the present, and the critique of its strategy by the CPI (Maoist). E-links will enable readers to read the documents in their entirety. We hope this will spur further study and discussion."

  • "The United Nations Security Council passed its first resolution on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in almost five years, on 16 December. But far from marking a break with the Council's abdication of responsibility for the fate of the Palestinian people, United States- and Russian-sponsored resolution 1850 is the final nail in the coffin for even the pretense that international law and institutions will play any serious role in ending 60 years of dispossession and occupation, and bringing about a just peace."
  • "Those who declare that the Great Crash of Late 2008 heralds the end of free market economic philosophy — "neoliberalism" for short — are not paying close enough attention."

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