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Lenosphere Round-Up 12.11-12.18

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Farfahinne (Lebanon) blogs:

14 clubs and a big group of AUB students took the initiative to launch a campaign to bring attention to what has been going on in Gaza strip because of the siege upon it. The Gaza strip, south of Palestine, has been under the most brutal Israeli siege for months now. Electricity has been cut out for weeks, food and medicine have not been allowed in Gaza for a long time, and finally hospitals, schools and even bakeries are closing down because Israel has blocked fuel and basic life necessities from entering Gaza. The campaign will host a week of events from Monday, December 15th, to Friday, December 19th. Please spread the word and join us to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza against the inhumane siege.

John Molyneux (U.K.) blogs:

According to Marx the working class or proletariat is ‘the only really revolutionary class’ [The Communist Manifesto] and ‘The emancipation of the working class must be conquered by the working class itself’ [The Rules of the International Working Men’s Association] and between capitalism and socialism there will be a transition which ‘can only be the dictatorship of the proletariat’ [The Critique of the Gotha Programme].

This conception of the revolutionary role of the working class was described by Lenin as ‘historically the main thing in Marxism’ but it is the idea many people find hardest to accept. On the one hand there are intellectuals like Herbert Marcuse and T.W. Adorno of the Frankfurt School who identified with much of Marx’s critique of capitalism but concluded that the working class was hopelessly bought off and indoctrinated by the system. On the other hand there are ordinary people, workers themselves, who simply say, ‘It will never happen’.

Own Hatherley (U.K.) blogs:

E-mailed to me yesterday, and thoroughly worth a few hours’ boggle: a staggering photo-essay at The Kohrman Report on the abandoned factories of Detroit, where Fordism was born and died; and much more where that came from…

John McDermott (U.K.), a UNISON union member, blogs:

Members will recall that it was referred to arbitration and both sides agreed a terms of reference. This was in effect that the ‘on account’ pay offer was the bottom line and discussions would take place about more. But……..there is always a but! The employers now want to change that… what a surprise! I don’t know the full details but they are crying the poor tale because of the ‘credit crunch’ it stinks of opportunism.To my recollection the Budgets for 2008 pay award have already been set and most LA’s budgeted for more than 2.5%.

Fellow Lenosphere blogger Nikosl (Greece) appeared on DemocracyNow! to talk about the unrest in Greece:

Εδωσα μια συνέντευξη στην αμερικάνικη αριστερή Internet-TV DemocracyNOW!. Οποιος θέλει να την δει: στο παρακάτω λινκ κοντά στο ένατο λεπτό του βίντεο ξεκινάει


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