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Lenosphere Round-UP 11.20-11.27

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hossam (Egypt) blogs:

The Ghazl el-Mahalla protest has been postponed, and is expected to take place after Eid…

Keep your eyes on Mahalla…

Lebanese Socialist (Lebanon) blogs:

“The United States is planning to boost its military support to Lebanon’s army with high-tech tanks,” writes Raed Rafei in the LA Times

Tolaab Mowkawma (Egypt) post pictures of a protest at the University of Helwan.

University of Helwan protest

WD Press (Thailand) blogs:

Bangkok International Airport has now been closed by Fascist thugs from the anti-government PAD. The PAD are demanding that the elected government resigns. This is despite the fact that the government has the backing of the majority of the Thai population and even the majority of Bangkok citizens. This backing has been proven by repeated elections. The PAD want a dictatorship to replace democracy because they deem that the majority of the Thai electorate are too ignorant to deserve the right to vote.

Socialist Students (Egypt) also have pictures of protests (and a press release), this one at the University of Cairo:

Click on pic for more photos

Click on pic for more photos

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