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Goodbye George W. Bush

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zoriah, a photojournalist, took some pictures in Iraq of what U.S. soldiers were writing on the latrine walls in their bases, here is one of them.  Click on the pic to see more pictures.

Photo by Zoriah

  1. Geoff Herzog permalink
    Friday, December 5, 2008 6:52 am

    Indeed justice would be well served if the George W. were air-lifted and dropped in non-green zone Iraq on a busy afternoon or barring death by being drawn and quartered or sliced and diced by an angry crowd, the Hague would be a fine destination for trial and sentencing in the International Court of Justice for his war crimes.

    Although the real mastermind was Cheney, the guy with the brains in the operation George W. should be punished.

    However as the next President will only maintain the status quo (with J.P Morgan and Citgroup among his top 10 campaign contributors). The very least U.S. citizens and citizens around the world can do is give George W. their honest opinion. While he will no doubt turn the deaf ear, history should have the record straight on the Bush Presidency.

    A new website is encouraging letters to George W. online which the site owners plan to print as a book, a historical testament to public opinion on this latest in a long line of war criminals running the U.S.


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