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Lenosphere Round-Up 10.30-11.06: Elections!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Uhhhh...don't kill me folks...I too love change.
-By Latuff

M.D. Bergfeld (U.K.) blogs:

Whether Obama will use these measures against Iran and other countries so to secure American business interest and power in the Middle East is yet to be seen but the anti-war movement, socialists, anti-imperialists have to step up their arguments on why Humanitarian Intervention is just another name for Imperialist terrorism, NATO seeks to become a supra-national coalition of warmongers and why our solidarity is with the people around the world exposed and harmed by America , the UK and Europe.

Sean Purdy (Brazil) blogs:

Millions of people are celebrating across the world today after Barack Obama was elected as the first black president of the United States – a momentous achievement in a country with a long history of entrenched and vicious racism.

Not since the 1930s have expectations around a US president been so high. The excitement around Obama’s campaign has shown how desperate people are for a different kind of politics after eight years of George Bush and the neoconservatives.

Farah (Lebanon) links us to an article that states:

During the United States election campaign, racists and pro-Israel hardliners tried to make an issue out of President-elect Barack Obama’s middle name, Hussein. Such people might take comfort in another middle name, that of Obama’s pick for White House Chief of Staff: Rahm Israel Emanuel.

Emanuel is Obama’s first high-level appointment and it’s one likely to disappointment those who hoped the president-elect would break with the George W. Bush Administration’s pro-Israel policies. White House Chief of Staff is often considered the most powerful office in the executive branch, next to the president. Obama has offered Emanuel the position according to Democratic party sources cited by media including Reuters and The New York Times. While Emanuel is expected to accept the post, that had not been confirmed by Wednesday evening the day after the election.

Solomon’s Mindfield (U.k) posts a letter president-elect Barak Obama gave to the U.N. on Hamas.

Hanif Leylabi (U.K.) blogs:

Obama has pledged to withdraw US troops but within a time frame lasting 16 months, promising no ‘dramatic’ troop withdrawals, and many of these troops wouldn’t be home long as he supports a troop surge in Afghanistan. Most worrying of all he has refused to rule out a military strike on Iran which could set the world on fire.

Renegade Eye (U.S.) posts an article by John Peterson:

As we have explained time and again, on all fundamentals, Obama represents the same interests as Bush and McCain. The only real difference is greater his charm, eloquence and intellect. A cunning politician who knows full well whose interests he has been elected to defend, he will, like Bill Clinton before him, be used to carry out attacks on the working class that even the Bushes couldn’t get away with – albeit with a warm smile on his face and a charming twinkle in his eye. Obama was above all elected on the basis of what people want to see in him, not what he really represents. “Hope” and “change” are powerful words in these times of turmoil and uncertainty. But sooner rather than later, Obama’s true colors will be revealed. He may be riding high for the moment, and millions of people are elated, but we can predict that in the not-too-distant future, increasing numbers of his supporters will begin to feel confused and betrayed, bitterly disappointed, and then angry. They will be looking for answers and a way out of the crisis that still confronts them, and will be increasingly open to the ideas of revolutionary Marxism and socialism.

Socialist Aotearoa (New Zealand) blogs:

Millions of people have been waiting for Election Day 2008, when the Bush regime would finally fall. The book is about to shut–or slam, more like it–on eight terrible years of Republican rule in the White House.

As people on the left celebrate the end of a rotten regime, it’s also time to ask: What kind of change will an Obama administration bring? American Socialist website brings together a roundtable of activists and writers on the left to discuss what new openings they see with an Obama administration in power–and what challenges still lie ahead for social justice movements.

Paul P. (U.S.) posts video he took of an unplanned mass rally of victory and celebration, he states:

I’ve been in campus activism for a few years, and I never imagined such an energetic outpouring of joy (The videos above don’t nearly do it justice). The crowd marched from the state capital to Bascom Hall, the UW administration building. People danced, sang, high-fived and hugged with strangers.

I and a few other comrades asked people what they expected of an Obama administration. Most people had trouble articulating an answer. Most said things like “change” or “a new direction.” There’s a strong sense that Obama will be different, but it’s not clear how.

John Mullen (France) blogs:

Bien sûr, Obama reste convaincu que la meilleure chose pour le monde entier sera que le grand capital américain continue à dominer les Etats Unis et le monde, alors il ne peut pas être considéré comme l’ami de la gauche radicale!

Mais entre autres choses, c’est un beau symbole dans un pays qui a été construit sur la division raciale.
Quand en France nous aurons aussi un président de couleur nous pourrons nous remettre à faire semblant que la République est moins raciste que d’autres pays!

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