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Lenosphere Round-Up 10.16-10.23

Thursday, October 23, 2008

John Mullen (France) blogs on the new anti-capitalist party in France and its upcoming founding congress in January:

Ces jours-ci quand personne n’ose vraiment dire que le capitalisme marche bien, c’est le moment de rejoindre le nouveau parti anticapitaliste. Le congrès de fondation aura lieu en janvier.

Farfahinne (Lebanon) blogs:

From commitment to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and from the patriotic, humanitarian, and anti-sectarian view, Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture has the honor to invite you to participate in the solidarity sit-in to protest the killings and the displacement of Christians in Mosul, Iraq.

The blog Tolaab Mokawma (Egypt) posts some pictures of students from Helwan University protesting.

Renegade Eye (U.S.) posts an article from Darrall Cozens on the need for Bolivians and the Bolivian government to stand up against the right wing oligarchy:

Those who were murdered formed part of a caravan of about 1000 members of the Amalgamated Federation of Pando Agricultural Workers (FUTCP) and their families. They were supporters of Evo Morales marching on Cobija with the aim of retaking government offices that had been occupied and ransacked by pro-fascist gangs. These gangs were supporters of the oligarchy in the Media Luna (provinces of Pando, Beni, Santa Cruz and Tarija) who were attempting to carry out a coup against the Morales government in La Paz.

Paul Kellogg (Canada) blogs:

Pity the poor priests of laissez-faire (the French phrase associated with the advocates of free market capitalism). They want to name a building at the University of Chicago after Milton Friedman. Milton was teaching there in 1976 when he won the Nobel Prize in economics. But 100 faculty members have signed a petition objecting. One of the 100, Bruce Lincoln told the press: “He was the darling of the Reaganite revolution and the American right … He was a scathing critic of the state playing a role of any importance … It’s now a whole lot more obvious to everyone that [Mr. Friedman] got us into some problems and that he didn’t have the final solution to everything that makes an economy work.” That’s an understatement. The financial markets are breathing thanks only to a $3 trillion injection of public funds. Laissez-faire has never been so discredited.


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