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Lenosphere Round-Up 9.25-10.02

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Snowball (U.K.) posts some quotes from the archbishops of Canterbury and York and gives us a perspective on English liberation theology:

The Archbishops are absolutely right – capitalism is a system based on robbery and Alice in Wonderland economics and Marx was among the first to explain why and what could be done about it.

Irish Marxist Kieran Allen writes on the Socialist Aotearoa (New Zealand) bog:

For the past thirty years mainstream economists claimed that the market worked perfectly provided there was no state interference or strong trade unions. ‘You cannot buck the market’ was repeated like a mantra against anyone who dared to ask for higher wages, better environmental controls or a more developed welfare state. ‘Market forces’ were seen as wise spirits who knew best about how to run an economy. No one knew who or what they were but they appeared to work anonymously behind the scenes to make everything right. In almost every country, people were told to leave matters to these ‘market forces’ and not to seek too much regulation. In reality, these ‘market forces’ were gigantic financial houses which *could move money around the globe at will.

Today this mythology has been shattered.

Paul Kellogg (Canada) blogs:

The myth that capitalism is about the retreat of the state, and that socialism is about its reverse – state intervention – is a myth made easier by the long nightmare of Stalinism, where there were states which called themselves “socialist” and which said the same thing as the neo-liberals only in reverse: “We are socialist because the state owns everything: never mind the absence of civil rights and the absence of democracy.” But the Stalinist states are long gone, and a new generation is returning to the roots of the socialist movement, understanding that socialism is about popular control, workers’ control of the economy and the state, or it is about nothing. It can be important to have the state intervene to fix problems in the economy. But the key question becomes – who controls that state? In the United States, we can be pretty sure that the state is controlled by the corporate elite.

Mustafa (Egypt) blogs on the march of socialism in Venezuela:

اخر تطورات الحركة الاشتراكية هناك..ولا شك ان العديد من الشباب العربى الثورى الذين يبحثون عن بديل اشتراكى سوف يستفيد من تجربة الشعب الفنزويلى فى السير قدما نحو تحقيق المطالب الاشتراكية واعتقد ان الرفاق من اصدقاء موقع

CF (France) blogs:

Encore un article en anglais, je sais. Désolé, mais il va falloir que les lecteurs fidèles du Poireau Rouge, dont près de 80 % sont en France, se mettent à travailler un peu leur anglais, s’ils ne comprennent pas. Mais comme je pense qu’ils sont au courant de ce qui s’écrit dans la presse française, cela peut apporter un éclairage différent. Surtout que les Etats-Unis et la Grande-Bretagne sont les pays dont les dirigeants politiques et économiques ont le plus fait pour démontrer, malgré eux, que les anticapitalistes avaient raison.

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