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Lenosphere Round-Up 9.18-9.25

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Due to the fact that I have started grad school and that there are some more blogs on the Lenosphere I am only going to be doing five posts a week.  I will pick out what I found interesting during each week on the Lenosphere. I will try not to have a person on the Lenosphere more than once in three weeks and I will tend to automatically post blogs that rarely update.

Enjoy this weeks links :-)

Lebanese Socialist (Lebanon) gives us a link to an article that states:

Lebanese Army units contained a quarrel between partisans of the Lebanese Communist Party and AMAL movement in the southern village of Kfar Rumman overnight.

The quarrel started after AMAL partisans tried to knock down a monument erected by the LCP to commemorate “martyrs” of the Lebanese National Resistance Front (LNRF), the leftist alliance that fought invading Israeli troops in the 1980s.

Left Punch (Norway) blogs on Afghanistan and asks his government:

Vi spør den norske regjeringen – er det verdt innsatsen til unge norske kvinner og menn, å skulle ofre seg med livet som innsats for en krig som bare ser ut til å gjøre vondt verre? Ville de sendt sine egne barn til Afghanistan bevæpnet i uniform, beredt til å måtte dø for den amerikanske marionetten Karzai?

Hossam (Egypt) gives us a video on the insurgency Afghanistan and states, “Like It Or Not: The Taliban is a Popular National Liberation Movement.”

Paul P. (U.S.) blogs on the finnacial crisis of American capitalism:

One of the few upsides of the financial meltdown has been the humor provided from hardcore libertarians trying to cope with their complete loss of credibility. As soon as the bailout deal came down, thousands of bow tie-wearing young men cried out in unison, “If only we had REAL capitalism.”

You know, real capitalism. The kind that exists solely in the imaginations of 20-year old econ majors.

Mustafa (Egypt) blogs about an article that analyzed the capitalist system back in April:

ولكن من ابريل الماضى كان هناك محلل اقتصادى ماركسى قد تبنأ بما حدث فى تحليل ممتع للغاية ….وهو كريس هارمن اشهر كوادر حزب العمالى الاشتراكى فى بريطانيا واليكم نص المقال


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