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Lenosphere Round Up 9.11-9.18

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dave (U.K.) blogs on Sept. 11th:

New Year, in Kerala (although it strikes me that today’s date may be significant for some other reason as well…)

Mohamed (aka Che Gabera) (Egypt) blogs and shows us some of his new artwork:

اصل الحكايه هتلاقوه هنا … و لأول مره انا بكتب كلمة مش مقتنع بيها لأني لو هقول على اللي مقتنع بيه كنت قولت “حاكم ظالم و شعب مازوخي” … الوضع في الدويقه كما وصفه احدهم:

Mustafa (Egypt) blogs:

Workers from the Canal Company for Ports and Large Projects ended a week-long sit-in in the early hours of Wednesday.

Name (Greece) asks, “Sex or Chocolate?”:

Ομολογουμένως υπάρχουν καλά επιχειρήματα. Αλλά το άρθρο θα επεκταθεί αργότερα

Keith (U.K.) blogs:

It’s not hard to see why police bosses are worried by this being made public. This week Yasmin Rehman, the most senior muslim woman in the met police, announced she would be going to an employment tribunal over bulling and racial discrimination. Ian Blair’s keenness to silence
Ghaffur is a recognition of the fact that is he is successful in his claim, following the payout they were forced to make to Gurpal Virdi, the extent of the discrimination faced by black police officers will start to come out, with many more willing to raise it.

Now obviously very few people reading this will have any illusions in the police force in any case, but we should be supportive of anyone fighting racial discrimination, regardless of the role they play in broader society. And the question that came to my mind over this is, if this is the racism they display to their own officers, what kind of treatment are black communities in general subjected to?

DJN (Canada) blogs on the Canadian elections:

If you’ve been addicted to or for your election coverage, you’re probably well aware that you’re not getting the full story, let alone an accurate analysis. This is easily resolved. Rabble has launched an excellent multi-authored blog at Hear what trade unionists, activists, independent journalists, left-wing researchers and academics have to say.

Socialist Aotearoa (New Zealand) blogs:

Aotearoa goes to the polls on Novemeber 8th, in what many see as one of the tightest electoral contests in New Zealand’s history,where the main choices are between the Coca Cola-Labour led bloc and the Pepsi-National opposition. Trade union militants and genuine socialists bemoan the fact that there is no credible united left electoral ticket, and although there are candidates and campaigns from groups such as the Workers Party, the Alliance and the Residents Action Movement, none expect to get any MPs elected, let alone break through the 5% list vote threshold necessary to secure representation. So what should be done?

The blogger at Solomon’s Mindfield (U.K.) writes:

As Pakistan has been co-operating with the Bush regime since the beginning of the war on terror it seemed remote that it now would be facing an American invasion. And indeed, it is unprecedented that the USA is moving into an allied country.

Read the full arcticle at Comrade Mark’s blog here

Hossam (Egypt) blogs:

Hundreds of citizens stormed el-Dhaher Poilce Station Friday night, following the death of Mohamed Ali Hassan, a 38-year-old coffee shop owner, in custody. The wife of the victim, Asmaa Mohamed, accused the Criminal Investigations officers of fabricating drug charges against her husband, torturing him to death, as a “favor” for some individuals.

Lenin (U.K.) blogs on Eupopes depedency on the East for its early development:

“For European trade was ultimately made possible only by the flow of Eastern goods which entered Europe via Italy. And second, the flow of Eastern ‘resource portfolios’ – ideas, institutions, and technologies – from the Middle East and China all diffused into Italy and Europe primarily along the commercial arteries of the global economy (though equally some were learned of during the crusades).”

Lebanese Socialist (Lebanon) quotes an aritcle:

The assassination of a pro-Syrian politician has heightened tension in Lebanon, less than a week before talks begin aimed at reconciling deep divisions between the country’s factions.

Saleh Aridi, a senior member of the Lebanese Democratic party, which is allied to the militant Shia group Hizbollah, was killed on Wednesday night by a bomb as he started his car at his house in the mountains east of Beirut, the capital.

Renegade Eye (U.S.) posts an article on the recent situation in Bolivia:

On Friday, September 12, we reported on the attack on pro-MAS peasants in the department of Pando, in the East of Bolivia. We said at the time that 9 people had been killed by the hired thugs of the opposition regional prefect (governor), Leopoldo Fernández. But only later was the full scale of the massacre revealed, with the death toll currently at 30, and many more still missing.

Khaled (Egypt) gives us a link to view a movie on Gamal Nasser:

موقع خاص بفيلم جمال عبد الناصر
بطولة خالد الصاوي و هشام سليم
للتحميل وللمشاهدة مباشرة

CF (France) blogs:

Un long article écrit par Liz Ross de Socialist Alternative pour Socialisme International


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