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Lenosphere Round Up 8.07-8.14

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hossam (Egypt) gives us a link to a round up of protests, strikes, and sit-ins that took place in the past two weeks in Egypt.

Snowball (U.K.) blogs:

Chris Bambery in this week’s Socialist Worker has a critique of the Olympics opening in Beijing, and building on his analysis in Marxism and Sport, a critique of sport more generally. It’s all good stuff, though I suspect there are some who will take issue with the way in which he ignores some of the contradictions within sport.

Gaber (Egypt) gives us some of his latest anti-Mubarak artwork.

Left Punch (Norway) blogs about racism within his country and actions to fight it:

Personalet på pøbben i Trondheimsveien i Oslo nekter generelt alle med afrikansk bakgrunn adgang, noe dørvaktene selv innrømmer. Flere vitner forteller også om den samme rasistiske holdningen på cafeen, der de blir avvist ved døra på grunn av hudfargen sin.

Dave (U.K.) blogs:

So now, Tesco plans to massively extend their superstore and to blot out the sky with a dirty great multistorey car monstruosity.  They’ve taken the life out of Stalybridge, now they want to take its soul.

Pauly (U.S.) blogs:

I want to draw attention to the Dave Zirin’s smackdown of Jonah Goldberg on the 1968 games’ Black Power salute. I won’t waste time describing it. Just read it.

Roobin (U.K.) blogs on Georgia and Bolivia:

The opposition is defying the government to take them on. Morales needs the movement, in the workplaces, in the government, in the neighbourhood assemblies, to help carry out his programme. How long has he spend demobilising his supporters? Will they rise again? Will he summon them?

CF (France) blogs on undocumented immigrants being detained in dentention centers:

Et un long article analysant la lutte des sans-papiers dans la restauration: Nos compagnons secrets, de Marc Bernardot

Mashahed (Egypt) gives us a link to a report by Sons of the Land, a labor movement in Egypt:

أولاد الأرض ترصد
20 اعتصام و 10 اضرابات
و5 تظاهرات
و 5 وقفات احتجاجية وفصل
وتشريد أكثر من 20الف عامل
ومصرع وإصابة 158 عاملا
حصاد الحركة العمالية في شهر يوليو

Name (Greece) blogs:

Μέχρι τώρα στο Ρέθυμνο υπήρχε μια ομάδα μαυροπουκαμισάδων με 4Χ4 που δημιουργούσε φασαρίες. Τώρα τελευταία παρουσιάστηκε μια άλλη ομάδα πιο επικίνδυνη, που οδηγάει ποδήλατο και φοράει πορτοκαλί Lacoste.

Akai Red (Japan) quotes Gavan McCormack on the anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings:

It is 63 years since mushroom clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki ushered in the nuclear age. The attacks on the two cities are now solemnly commemorated on 6 and 9 August, when the two city mayors issue their messages calling on the world to disarm, messages as necessary as they are certain to be ignored by the powers.

Lenin (U.K.) blogs on the Georgian conflict:

There is an element of the ‘madman theory’ in action here: let the world think we’re about nuts enough to do anything, and they’ll go along with our preferred strategy with some relief and gratitude. Saakashvili spoiled it by blustering that, uh huh, America was going to take over Georgia’s airports and sea ports and run them from Washington. This provoked an immediate denial from his nervous American backers. As the Washington Post points out, the US appears to have been relying on “mixed signals”, by “pointedly using military planes and ships and warning Russia not to block sea, air or land transport routes, while insisting it had no plans to intervene militarily.” But the Pentagon insists that: “This is not an attempt to put military assets in closer proximity to inject U.S. forces into this conflict”. It also denies that naval vessels will actually be sent to the Black Sea.

Mustafa (Egypt) blogs:

ورغم الارقام الكبيرة التى ارفقتها فى تعليقك حول زيادة ميزانية التعليم فبكل صراحة اجدنى متشكك فى تصديق تلك الارقام ..فرغم احتفالات الحكومة بمعدل النمو المحقق فى التنمة 7/100…الا ان الناس لم ترى رغم ذلك سوى طوابير العيش وتدنى الاجور وارتفاع الاسعار الذى جعل الحياة لا تحتمل لاكثرية المصريين ..واكرر يا د.نظيف ان خصخصة التعليم ستكون كارثة على الطبقات الفقيرة لانها لن تستطيع الحصول علية فانت تقول انكم ستطورون التعليم ولكن السؤال هو ستطورون التعليم لمن ؟ ان ارتفاع المصروفات الجامعية سيقلل بلا شك من عدد الطلاب فى الجامعات على طريقة اللى معهوش ميلزموش…رغم ان هذا حقهم الطبيعى ومن غير اللائق ان نقدم للشؤن الاجتماعية شهادة فقر حتى نحصل على منحة تعليم هى من حقنا اصلا .

Khaled El-Sawy (Egypt) blogs on his experiences within the arts:

لم نكن جميعا شبابا متمردا وقتها، ولكن الفعل المسرحي نفسه تمرد مستمر على حالة السكون التي تريدها دائما كل السلطات، وممارسة المسرح بانتظام تعلم المرء التمرد بالتدريج، وهكذا صنعنا مسرحياتنا عبر احتكاك مستمر مع تحفظات الإدارة وتوجسات الأمن السياسي وعنف المتطرفين الدينيين وتحت ضغط إضافي يمثله جهل بعض الأهالي وسلبية الكثير من الطلاب.. ورغم ذلك قدمنا عددا كبيرا من المسرحيات العربية والعالمية وعددا كبيرا أيضا من المسرحيات المؤلفة من الطلاب أنفسهم وأنا واحد منهم وقتها.. ولي كل الشرف.. خاصة وقد دفعت وقتها ثمن تعلقي بحرية التعبير وباستقلال الحركة الطلابية مما قواني أكثر وجندني في معسكر أحباء الحرية والعدل الاجتماعي

THR (Austrailia) blogs:

Almost a month ago, I wrote briefly of the need for the environmental movement to be united with workers’ movements, particularly in the current context of possible economic downturn. Lo and behold, like Piers Akerman at a table of hors d’oeuvres, I have a fanatic repeatedly popping up at my blog. This fanatic is thrashing about like a fish out of water, gasping for air, and claiming to have ‘pwned’ me.

Sean (Brazil) blogs on Uribe’s Colombia:

For a surprisingly good column on violence, political corruption and the incredible social and economic inequality in Columbia, see below.
Michael J. LaRosa Special to The Commercial Appeal (Memphis), Friday, August 8, 2008
Last month’s dramatic rescue of 15 hostages, including the French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt and three American contractors, generated a worldwide tidal wave of support for Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. A more sober analysis suggests that serious endemic challenges face the feisty leader as he completes six years of rule.

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