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Fresh From Frisko

Sunday, July 27, 2008

“Truth comes rolling, heavier than the fog.”

I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to a new blog out there from San Francisco by poet and activist Niki Esko, Fresh Frisko Esko.

The blog is a mix of her poetry and also covers local artists (she already has interviewed one).  The mission statement states:

Fresko City is an art projekt that combines my little camera, my love and support for local artists, and my writing in order to explore scenes beyond the mainstream. Some locations and events will be outside of San Francisco, stretching from the Left Coast to the South, from my backyard to yours. This blog is dedicated to creation and destruction, presence and absence. I want to approach the music, art, and poetry scenes beyond criticisms and technical writing; I am in search of experiences, people, stories, local beauty, and the aesthetically challenged. Support artists & spread the word[s]. Welcome to Fresko City.

I recommend you all bookmark it as it will give everyone an opportunity to get a look at the art and music scene in the Bay.


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