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Todos con Bolivia

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Todos con Boliva declares:

The process of changes in favor of the Bolivian majority is at risk of being brutally restrained. The rise to power of an Indigenous president with unprecedented support in that country and his programs of popular benefits and recovery of the natural resources have had to face the conspiracies of the oligarchy and United States interference from the very beginning.

In recent days the increase in conspiracy has reached its climax. The subversive and unconstitutional actions of the oligarchic groups to try to divide the Bolivian nation reflect the racist and elitist minds of these sectors and constitute a very dangerous precedent not only for the country’s integrity, but for other countries in our region.

History shows with ample eloquence, the terrible consequences that the divisionary and separatist processes supported and induced by foreign interests have had for humanity…

The IPS reports:

Wealthier eastern provinces where Bolivia’s natural gas is concentrated are pressing for greater autonomy and local control over the administration of natural resources and the taxies levied on them.

Bolivia, South America’s poorest country, is basically divided between the western highlands, home to the impoverished indigenous majority, and the much better off eastern provinces, which account for most of the country’s natural gas production, industry and gross domestic product (GDP). The population of eastern Bolivia tends to be of more European (Spanish) than indigenous descent.

What we have here is an attack against the people of Bolivia by the elitists in the oil rich eastern provinces. They are banking that they can use their oil wealth to pressure the government to give in to their demands. They realize that the oil wealth of Bolivia will be strategic in the furthering of Bolivarian, and specifically, Bolivian socialism.

For centuries the elite of Bolivia has been used to having the only say in Bolivian affairs, and even during the time of “democracy” Bolivia was controlled by a legislature that was majority elitist, despite the fact that the elites in the country only made up a small percentage of the actual population (as is the case in every parliamentarian democracy around the world).

No you have a situation where the peasants and natives control the majority of the parliament and were able to make some changes to the constitution (they couldn’t get a 2/3 majority due to the fact that even the constitutional assembly under the socialist president wasn’t truly representative of the classes of Bolivia, the Quechua and Aymara natives make up 60% of the population with more than 2/3 of the population living at or near the poverty line) but the elite, the minority, are monopliing this change just as the minority whites monopolized South Africa against the majority Blacks. Further more:

This is a very powerful coalition, that has been described as the “100 clans”…controls large amounts of land (25 million hectares as opposed to 5 million hectares which are in the hands of 2 million poor peasants), meat packing plants, the profitable business of soy bean plantations, the country’s main banks and media and the main private industries. They are defending their class interests and they are prepared to go until the end and use any means necessary.

While the elites and capitalists decry “repression” and “anti-democratic” principles, it is they who are being anti-democratic as it is they who still hold the majority of the wealth in the country. It is not anti-democratic to take this unearned with from them by force (if necessary, however this would cause a problem if the government doesn’t have a plan to counteract their exodus from the country) and to distribute that wealth, made off the backs of the Bolivian peasants and workers, back to the peasants and workers.

Bolivia and MAS (Movimiento al Socialismo) have many challenges ahead; but they need to meet these challenges head on and pry away the iron grip of the elite from their country.

[Hat Tip: MR Zine]

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