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Center for Socialist Studies on Mahalla

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here is what the Center of Socialist Studies has to say on the protests in Mahalla from April 6th:

The sixth of April was undoubtedly a watershed moment in the evolution of the labor movement…

The first thing that must be stressed is that the call for strikes in Mahalla did not originate from the political elites or activists within Cairo, but instead came from the workers in Mahalla who wanted to organize their third strike in less than a year and a half to achieve their demands on better wages and working conditions. One of the incentives for making these demands a reality include the requirement for minimum wage laws for all wage earners in Egypt.

To put into context the events in Mahala on the sixth and seventh of April we need to look at two important issues: first is the labour movement and social upheaval since 2006 included not only workers apart of the industry and services sectors, but also a wide range of professionals. The second is the rapid rise in prices during the past year, which created a backdrop of public outrage that caused the explosion behind the uprising in Mahala.

The actions on the sixth of April cry for requirements for a new political movement built from the ground up and not from the elite circles as well as the beginning of the demands of the workers and poor peasants, and a movement of reformulating demands for national democracy linked to the movement of the masses, not isolation from it.

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