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Jesus and the Sacred Heart

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In house after house after house in Ireland I have noticed one consistent thing popping up over and over again.  This picture:

The Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Every single household will have this picture in it with (usually) a fake candle that flickers light to mimic flame flickering off the wick of a candle.

The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Ireland, for me, is akin to the devotion of the Santo Nino in the Philippines (I actually saw a statue of Santo Nino in a home, all though it wasn’t for devotion, it was wedding gift).  While I was visiting information center in  New Grange I found an informational packet on coalminers in Ireland and there was a poigent picture of a dirty and blackened coal miner deep in a mine shaft with his hard hat in his right hand covering his heart as he prays near a shrine to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (sometime in the 1980s if I remember correctly).

I remember seeing pictures and prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in my grandmother and great-aunts house, as well as in the houses of some of my other Irish American relatives, however it never dawned on me until now the connection that it had with Ireland.


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