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Chavez: Devil? Christ? Neither?

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The blog world when discussing many issues tends to discuss them in black and white terms.  This is mainly to the fact that complex ideas are spread out over many blog posts as long blogs tend to not be read and are just a bad blogging strategy in general; plus blogs tend to cater to those whom agree with the blog author.  However it seems as though many bloggers who label Chavez as a demon or angel are missing the point.  There’s more to the man than just the epitamy of the evils of communism or the only hope for socialism.  The Monthly Review letter from the editor has a good take on the previous elections a few months ago:

The victory of the No vote in the Venezuelan constitutional reform referendum in December is being treated by Washington as a major defeat for Chávez’s efforts to promote a socialism for the twenty-first century in Venezuela. But the opposition to the Bolivarian Revolution was so aware of its own weaknesses that it adopted as its final slogan “Chávez, Yes; Reform, No.” The defeat of the constitutional reform was guaranteed by the fact that 44 percent of the population, many of whom had supported Chávez previously, chose not to vote. This may simply be due to the fact that the proposed constitutional reforms were enormously complex with changes in 69 articles. But it is also true that a propaganda campaign authored and choreographed by Washington and the CIA, and implemented by the Venezuelan elites who control the private media, had a considerable effect in blocking the reform effort.

I tend to not believe the U.S. media hype on Chavez (as I have my bachelors journalism major and studied the elitist tendencies of the media) but am not fully convienced on his leadership skills.  Time will tell, however.  But I will say this.  Any country or movement that relies on one person and has only one leader for many years (if not decades) is bound for failure and shows the complete failure of its organization to breed new leaders.


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