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Read Up Young Ma-…Urrr, Old Man. Read Up

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

cpmarxist.jpgThis is what happens when leftists in a foreign country don’t fully read up on a situation in another country dealing with said countries internal politics. Aditya Nigam blogs:

We read with growing dismay the statement signed by Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and others advising those opposing the CPI(M)’s pro-capitalist policies in West Bengal not to “split the Left” in the face of American imperialism. We believe that for some of the signatories, their distance from events in India has resulted in their falling prey to a CPI(M) public relations coup and that they may have signed the statement without fully realising the import of it and what it means here in India, not just in Bengal.

I’ve previously blogged on the CPM’s role in the Nandigram dispute so you all can read that (short) blog if you need to catch up.

Now I can understand how Chomsky and Zinn are eager to side with the CPM since they are one of the more important communist parties in the democratic world that actually have a lot of power in the political realm but to just side with the CPM because they are communist without looking at the facts is actually quite unfortunate. Chomsky and Zinn have been known for their critical thinking and left critique of the United States and its foreign policy. But to just blindly side with the CPM because of a fear in “splitting the left” is down right ridiculous, especially when they’ve obviously not read up on the history of the CPM or on the Nandigram dispute and atrocities committed by CPM cadres and the CPM controlled government in that province.

Also, Chomsky and Zinn assume that the left isn’t already split to begin with. The left in India (and indeed all over the world) is varied and complex. The CPM, according to some, is in reality no different from many of India’s other mainstream political parties that are forcing neo-liberal policies on their people. Not only that but if people did listen to Chomsky and Zinn what would happen to the left in India? In my opinion the left would die if it blindly followed the CPM because it would turn from an option of true resistance to the neo-liberal and capitalistic policies of the Indian government into a mouth piece for neo-liberal economic policies and thus would be homogonized by the mainstream center-left and center-right political parties and thus no longer offer Indians any real choice; the choice they would get would be “screwed over by a slightly left ruling government” or “screwed over by a slightly right ruling government.”

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