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Next Time We Must Be Organized

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cross-posted from The Ghost of Tom Joad

While the national contract has been stalled it will still pass. TDU states:

The biggest obstacle to defeating the concessionary contract nationally was the sheer size and scope of the Teamster-UPS sales job.

The company and the union reached every UPS Teamster with their Vote Yes campaign. Most UPS Teamsters received multiple mailings—including six separate mailings in the Central and Southern regions.

In contrast, our Vote No campaign relied on member-to-member communication. The fast track contract vote gave us limited time to expand our network.

The Hoffa administration’s miserable failure to defend Teamster pensions was another major factor in the contract vote. First, Teamster pensions were cut in the Central States and elsewhere after Hoffa promised they would be protected. Then our union failed to advance any positive plan for improving pensions without giving in to the UPS pension grab in the Central States.

With Hoffa and Hall offering no plan, no hope and no leadership, it is not surprising that the majority of UPS Teamsters voted for the contract in the Central States areas: the Central Region and the South.

Essentially the lesson learned is to get organized earlier as the next contract (in six years from now) will probably be worse than this one and we can’t depend on the union leadership to actually negotiate for us.


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