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Local 278 Says “Vote No!”

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

teamster-logo-black.gifI went to a meeting recently on Saturday for my local, Local 278, and expected the worst after the Teamsters announced that every single local leader full heartedly agreed to the new contract and after reports from other members of other locals from around the country during a conference call last week that their local leaders were also supporting the contract and using various carrot and stick methods to get their members to vote yes.

But I was surprised when I walked into the meeting ten minutes late that our local leaders were advising us to vote no on the Nor-Cal Supplementagreement and to vote no on the Master Contract with Secretary-Treasure “J. B.” calling the Nor-Cal Supplement a “rag” and the Master Contract “a waste of paper.”

Many of the people at the meeting where told timers (ten years or more) and many of them voiced their dissatisfaction with the new contract.  I won’t go into too much detail about the contract as has some good articles and fliers about the short falls of this new tentative contract at their website.

J. B. also went over our Nor-Cal Supplemental agreement and things didn’t look that much better there.  J. B. had been telling the negotiation panel that there needed to be serious changes to the suplemental to correct some major problems that are in our Suplemental right now.  Those problems, quoting J. B. are:

[O]n the October 2007 Nor-Cal Agenda there are [708] discharges, [393] suspensions and [996] regular grievance cases…total [being 2,097].  Currently on the Western Region Agenda for October 2007 (Second Level) there are [510] cases.

…I have reviewed the proposed settlement and I do not see anything that solves any of the problems that would help to solve any above.  There is nothing in particular that would cause the Company to encourage prompt settlement of grievances…Do not be surprised if your manager or supervisor tells you this is a great deal.  They are not lying.  IT IS A GREAT DEAL FOR UPS MANAGEMENT!!!!!!

Hence why Scott, my Night Hub manager, didn’t care if a grieved my being “suspended” from the Safety and Health Committee (however it is going to pre-grievance negotiations next week and there is literally no way they can win).

When someone shouted out if any of the other local union leaders in the Nor-Cal Region took the same stance as 278 J. B. said, “No, they are all trying to sell this contract to their constituents,” a huge collective sigh was realeased by the 100 or so Teamsters in the room.

“Fucking bullshit!” Someone shouted.

“It’s all politics,” explained J. B., “they’re being yanked around by management.  It’s all political.  But I guess I don’t give a damn anymore about that shit.”

This caused mostly everybody to laugh as J. B. is pretty much known for not giving “a damn” about what UPS management or other corrupt Teamster officials think of him (however this doesn’t mean I’m not suspicious of him).

At the end of the meeting a fellow Teamster directed everyone to go onto and J. B. said we need to spread the word to get everyone to vote no on the Supplement and Master; and if the Master went through and our Nor-Cal Supplement didn’t than that could at least through the Master agreement off course as all supplements need to have a yes vote for any further stuff to go forward (or at least that is what J. B. said).

One of the reasons why the Supplement was so bad was due to the fact that when J. B. was making these demands for changes in it he made some enemies (obviously) at UPS management and management in turn froze out Local 278 from Nor-Cal Supplemental negotiations (probably giving the other locals some kickbacks for letting them do this, no doubt).  So if this shitty Supplement does pass our local will refuse to recognize it as we were not apart of negotiations.

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Teamster New York Pension Fund 


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