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Some Info on the New Tentative Agreement

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The people over at have received some information on the new agreement despite our union (still!) keeping a tight lid on things. UPS is also planning on making its workers vote “Yes” for the contract as both Teamster leadership and UPS management want us to vote for (what, so far, looks like) a weak contract.

The tentative deal includes concessions that would lengthen the wage progression to 36 months. This is the second contract in a row that Hoffa has given in to the company’s demand to increase the progression by six months. If the agreement is approved, it would take a driver three years to get up to top pay.

The new deal would also lengthen the probationary period to 60 days.

Chief negotiators James Hoffa and Ken Hall promised the “Richest Contract Ever” but the new tentative deal actually provides for smaller percentage gains than the 2002 “Best Contract Ever.”

While the tentative agreement includes approximately $9 an hour in wage and benefit improvements compared to $8.75 over six years in 2002, this amounts to a smaller percentage increase than the current contract.

There are reports that in the Central States Area, retiree health care for 30-and-out retirees will be available for $200 per month ($400 to include spouse). However, we await detailed information in writing.

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