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The Guerrilla is Like a Poet

Friday, August 31, 2007

Due to the recent arrest of JOMA (as Jose Maria Sison is called) I decided to post one of his poems:

The Guerrilla is Like a Poet

The guerrilla is like a poet
Keen to the rustle of leaves
The break of twigs
The ripples of the river
The smell of fire
And the ashes of departure.


The guerrilla is like a poet.
He has merged with the trees
The bushes and the rocks
Ambiguous but precise
Well-versed on the law of motion
And master of myriad images.


The guerrilla is like a poet.
Enrhymed with nature
The subtle greenery
The inner silence, the outer innocence
The steel tensile in-grace
That ensnares the enemy.


The guerrilla is like a poet.
He moves with the green brown multitude
In bush burning with red flowers
That crown and hearten all
Swarming the terrain as a flood
Marching at last against the stronghold.


An endless movement of strength
Behold the protracted theme:
The people’s epic, the people’s war.

  1. Thursday, September 6, 2007 7:30 am

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Beautiful. Each word so alive and so true.

  2. Thursday, September 6, 2007 8:43 am

    Thanks for the comment Bhaswati. Yes, I think so to. I remember reading it a few years ago and thinking the same thing. So when he was recently arrested I decided this would be one of his best poems to post.

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