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Is Victory in the Air for DHL Teamsters?

Monday, August 13, 2007

A new article out on the Teamster’s for a Democratic Union website states that Hoffa is scraping the horrible DHL contract that has incensed so many hard working DHL Teamsters (for more see “Don’t Capitulate to UPS or DHL“):

Our master contracts, and even the unity of our pension plans, are under attack from global corporations. Some in the International Union headquarters as discussing how to go along. Fortunately, thousands of DHL Teamsters are discussing how to defend and expand our master contracts. DHL Teamsters, stewards and some local officers have continued to take united action since they forced Hoffa to call off negotiations with DHL on the sell-out draft agreement.

DHL Teamsters from around the country wrote to Hoffa to scrap the current proposed DHL contract, including Teamsters from Local 70 in the East Bay and Local 85 in San Francisco.  This pressure caused Hoffa:

to junk the sell-out contract negotiated by Brad Slawson, but continues to retain Slawson as chair of bargaining. All the more reason for all DHL Teamsters—including those in the white paper contracts in New York, Chicago, Upstate New York, Baltimore and elsewhere—to unite to fight for a strong master contract that brings all DHL Teamsters up to the NMFA standards.

Of course some corrupt union officials are arguing that this will be bad for DHL and will cause DHL to be less competitive.  This lack of back bone from some stewards and Teamster officials is what demoralizes many Teamster workers and further emboldens big corporations.

DHLers now just launched their own on-line forum. Check out This is an independent forum for all DHL Teamsters to exchange ideas and information.

What do you think should happen next to defend strong Teamster standards at DHL? Click here to send us your opinion.

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