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Don’t Capitulate to UPS or DHL

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

hoffa.jpgRead some bad news on the Teamsters for a Democratic Union website. Apparently DHL is trying to “restructure” the workforce by red-circling full-timers and they are trying to create part-time low paying positions like UPS already has. Hopefully the Teamster negotiating panel with DHL won’t back down. I pray they won’t back down. But they just might.

With UPS (whom I work for) they are trying to force the Teamsters to allow UPS to remove millions of dollars a year from the Central State Pension Fund and to remove close to 42,000 Teamsters from the fund and transfer them over to a less stable company policy. And apparently our snake of a General-President Hoffa agrees to this:

Hoffa has all but made it official that he intends to let UPS rip 42,000 UPSers out of the Central States Pension Fund. This move would undermine pension security for all Teamster members.

In an August 2 letter, James Hoffa and Ken Hall have made it official: “UPS has reached an agreement in principle with the Central States pension establishing conditions for a potential UPS withdrawal from Central States.” (More on the Teamster policy here)

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