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On Youth and Resistance

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Brownfemipower writes:

But no matter how hard it is, how much it hurts us/strikes us down off our pedestals, we must begin to look deeply into ourselves and into our communities and challenge everything we know about being parents and about being elders. We must begin rethinking all the actions of our youths that we have labeled as “trouble making” (dropping out of school, getting pregnant, abusing drugs/alcohol, figeting endlessly, not doing homework, etc). We must begin considering how the actions of our youths can be reconsidered (as Grace Lee Boggs argues) as “Opting Out” of a violent system as a form of self-preservation rather than dropping out to make our blood pressure skyrocket–And most importantly, we must consider how we can share our hard earned knowledge such that “Opting out” becomes harnessed into mobilization efforts that are truly world changing for our youth.


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