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Homophobia in the Black Community

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Terrance blogs about homophobia and the Black community in his blog The Republic of T.:

He’s right in terms of black homophobia having its roots in the homophobia of the dominant society, just as Horace Griffin traces it back to the “queering” (as I imagine Dyson might put it) of black sexuality going all the way back to slavery and the inculcation of black slaves into a conservative, biblically literalistic Christianity during a sexually repressed Victorian era.

However, I think that only means that there’s even more of a need to focus on homophobia in black communities. There’s even more of a need to point out that black churches are in many ways aligning themselves with the same political forces that used religion against black people, as a means of justifying slavery and segregation, because the leaders of those movements know that religiously-based homophobia is one area of common ground they have with religious blacks. And those same political leaders employ religion to justify economic policies (among others) that negatively impact many African Americans.


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